Florentine Rost van Tonningen about Lebensborn

In the Netherlands, the NSB even had a Lebensborn social program of their very own, too. Lebensborn wanted to help the children to be even better. It wished to elevate man. Under National Socialism all races would have their own version of Lebensborn.

“National Socialism believes in the natural order and is opposed to everything which disturbs or will disturb it. The uninhibited abuse of sexuality, drugs, and alcohol, etc., the lack of respect for human life, which is manifested in the abortion of sound and healthy foetuses—in our eyes, all of this is criminal. Not that the old inhibitions and restrictions were always right. Certainly not. And here National Socialism must be seen as a revolutionary renewing process, searching for a positive alternative to the worn-out, modern life-style. Our fight for a united Europe of peoples and against the forces of Darkness began under the sign of the Sun. Through truth it shall end in triumph. The Truth Shall Set You Free—through recognition of this, the will of our ethnic Europe will be strong enough for a new life form of these peoples to prevail”

Source: Florentine s. Rost Van Tonningen, Triumph And Tragedy, p. 212